Analyse multiple charts in one-go with Trends of any FnO parameters across multiple time frames & intervals (live/eod , h/d/w/m)

if you notice there are signals below the charts which give an indication of the F&O parameter is rising or falling for continuous 3+ ticks depending on the time-interval chosen (Xmins / D/ W/ M)

how to interpret these charts you can see in our famous long-short buildup pic -->

See this data and F&O data values across any custom time interval. i.e. 5/10/15/30/60/ 'X' mins for intraday changes and Daily / Weekly / Monthly / 'N' days for end-of-day EOD changes , by just choosing from the 'Interval' menu (in GOLD+ plans only)

Quickly show/hide specific FnO data parameters/columns by clicking its matching button in the 'Show' Menu , or using the keyboard shortcuts as mentioned in the underlined or BOLD letters: eg. if you want to show/hide all data related to price, just press 'P' , pressing it again & again makes all its matching data / columns visible like simple ON/OFF switches.

for example -->
you can see delivery versus price by selecting the respective parameters & choosing 'weekly' in your time interval to get weekly delivery /price / volumes

another example --> 
for see rollover trends, choose price / rollover / basis and 'monthly' in interval

likewise for iv

TIP -->  you also have a quick search box CTRL+F under filter menu or on top of some screens where you can type any word(s) here to quick search / match in the data displayed

use AND/OR to apply multiple conditions / keywords

You can also see the data filtered for any set of symbols by just selecting the desired group from the 'scriplist' dropdown in the Menu bar


TIP -->  you can create your own custom watchlist by choosing 'WATCH' in the dropdown list.
A dropdown will appear at the bottom of the screen where you can add/remove symbols to your watchlist

You can filter data by Qty>'X' no. of contracts by choosing from the Filter dropdown menu

Once you are done modifying with your preferred layout & settings, you can save this custom view for reusing as a one-click macro when you come back to this screen next time :

Move / hover your mouse over any symbol , and you get a quick info tooltip for that scrip

CLICK on any symbol to launch a quick chart for that scrip 
(TIP: you can also display a quick OI/volume/basis/IV trend for that contract by clicking on the respective buttons at the top of the quick chart)