You can also choose to display just the Top 'X' scrips for Gainers/ Losers by dragging the topX slider under the filter menu

You can create your own custom filter  by typing any fno data specific condition under the FILTER menu and clicking 'apply' button.
the condition is specified in a very natural language using simple BODMAS rule of maths & f&O terms

examples of filter condition -->
  1. price% > 2    
  2. ABS(price%) > 1 and oi%>5   
  3. (price% >2 or oi%> 10) and  volume>1000   
  4. basis%>1 and price%>1 and volume%>100
  5. delivery%>100 and price%>2
  6. rollover%>80
and many more ... which you can build to your imagination & requirements

you also have a quick search box CTRL+F under filter menu or on top of some screens where you can type any word(s) here to quick search / match in the data displayed

use AND/OR to apply multiple conditions / keywords

to summarize the kinds of filters you can apply, see the image below -->