Analyse multiple technical charts in one-go with Tech alert signals & custom indicators across multiple time frames & intervals (live/eod , 5/10/15/30/60 mins d/w/m)

you can also see this chart ticks across any custom time frame / interval. i.e. 5/10/15/30/60/ 'X' mins for intraday and Daily / Weekly / Monthly for end-of-day EOD by just choosing from the 'Interval' menu (in GOLD+ plans only)

You can choose desired daterange for intraday or eod charts from the daterange dropdown menu -->

There are all the important Technical Studies  like SMA /  EMA / Bollinger Bands / MACD / Stochastic / RSI / PSAR whose parameters also you can customize

you also have a quick search box CTRL+F under filter menu or on top of the screen where you can type any word(s) here to quick search / match in the data displayed

use AND/OR to apply multiple conditions / keywords

Once you are done modifying with your preferred layout & settings, you can save this custom view for reusing as a one-click macro when you come back to this screen next time :