Get intelligent system-computed   AUTO Stock-rankings ( bullish-bearish star ratings )   based not just on price / volume / technicals but also intelligent crunching of fno data trends of oi, delivery, basis, rolls to arrive at overall Buy/sell signal during   live Market hours also

how do we compute it ?

the Ranking is computed as a sum of ranks based on various parameters 
it is some in-depth formulae which we use, but basically on 6 counts : 

  1. Futures: it sees price +/- , basis & OI buildup/short covering
  2. Options: it sees IV spikes, OTM option activity in terms of Vol & OI buildups
  3. Delivery: BSE+NSE combined unusual spikes in delivery over a moving avg
  4. Technicals: using SMAs, Bollingers, MACD, RSI, Stochastic level triggers along with candle patterns
  5. Trends: using mov. avg crossovers & changes in slope of trends (short-medium-long term)
  6. MyFnO: a intelligent combi of the above based on our own back-testing & experience i personally love to track those with MyFnO parameter having some rank <>0

we've been trading in FnO for quite some years now & have personally designed this & it has worked wonderfully for us & so hope it should for others also